Hyper-Seal liquid Metal Sealant A D.I.Y. Solution for your vehicles blown head gasket! in Fairwater, Cardiff for sale

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*** No need to change head gasket, head or radiator any longer! ***
HYPER-SEAL PERMANENTLY SEALS WATER LEAKS IN ENGINE BLOCKS, CYLINDER HEADS, HEAD GASKETS, RADIATORS, CORE PLUGS, HEATER MATRIX & METAL PIPES in the cooling system of all types of diesel and petrol engines. Simply add to radiator or expansion tank.
HYPER-SEAL is compatible [mixes with] with all types of antifreeze, therefore no need to drain cooling system before use or after use - simply follow instructions.
Scientifically Advanced Formula - HYPER-SEAL is formulated with micro-copper fibers of varying size to ensure a fast, permanent seal of all holes or cracks in the cooling system. The micro-copper fibers flow into cracks that are too small to be seen by the human eye to provide a permanent and lasting seal. The micro-copper fibers fill the entire crack from top to bottom to form a "complete weld" within large and small cracks within minutes. As it mixes with anti-freeze, it will not block any components in the engine.
The copper fibers also conduct heat across the crack or hole, eliminating hot spots that normally form around the edges of a hole or crack. Skeptical? Pls see the youtube video with this advert . Click on videos next to images.
Permanent Solution - The welded part expands and contracts with temperature changes - resistant to 300 degrees plus of heat! Suitable for use in all types of metal engines and radiators - such as cast iron, steel, aluminum, copper, and brass - and radiators with plastic.
Special Offer! - Lithium White Grease completely FREE! - For a limited period while stocks last for every bottle of HYPER-SEAL purchased you will receive a spray can of Lithium White Grease completely FREE! worth £5.99. Directions to use HYPER-SEAL
1. Add HYPER-SEAL liquid to radiator or expansion tank.
2. Gradually idle engine at approx 2000 r.m.p. for 10 - 15 minutes.
3. Leak will stop within 5 minutes after engine reaches normal temperature.
4. Before use, ensure water is circulating freely - if in doubt remove thermostat
5. Leave HYPER-SEAL in engine for to seal future leaks.
You can order online at: www.hyper-seal.co.uk/products or please phone 0203 538 6262 to place your order or if you have any enquiries. Trade enquiries welcome.