55 Ford FOCUS 1.6 Diesel, Estate, 10 months MOT -- READ SERV.HISTORY!!! -- in Fairwater, Cardiff for sale

55 Ford FOCUS 1.6 Diesel, Estate, 10 months MOT -- READ
55 Ford FOCUS 1.6 Diesel, Estate, 10 months MOT -- READ
55 Ford FOCUS 1.6 Diesel, Estate, 10 months MOT -- READ
55 Ford FOCUS 1.6 Diesel, Estate, 10 months MOT -- READ

Black, Diesel, Estate, 10months MOT, FORD roof bars. Timing belt done 24k back, New Turbo, Oil pump, Tyres, Battery, Loaded Air con. Beautifully clean!
There is no point to mention every single piece of equipment car has, lets mention just a few main things and then the most important part - service history.
Diesel, Estate, Black, Alloy wheels, Air Conditioning (working nicely), Heated front screen, Heated rear screen, Heated mirrors, Xenon lights, Tinted Wind Deflectors (brand new), Genuine FORD roofbars (£189 from Ford), CD radio, trip computer.
Here comes the reason why I believe that my car is worth the money I'm asking:
Car has 1 prevoius owner (log book says 3 as the first owner stoped to use it as a company car and formaly became a second owner, I've had the car for 2 months as a temporary replacement till my BMW will be back on road). The first owner was a Ford enthusiastic (bought even a roof bars from a Ford for £189 instead of buying them from Greatbritainlisted for £60 :o) ) and car has been serviced in Ford or Ford certified garages only since new. It has never been run on tight budget! There is no point to mention all those common service jobs done on steering and suspension (and I also believe its ridiculous to talk about oil changes and filters changes as thats something what simply has to be done and it has to be done regulary and on time), but lets mention the important jobs done in last two years:
Car has 142 860 miles on clock.
- 118.114 miles - timing belt, all tensioners and water pump kit
- 129.308 miles - invoice for £1900 - new turbo, new oil pump, all 3 oil filters, V-belt kit, few pipes, seals, etc, etc
- 137 400 miles - new battery, 3 new tyres
- 140 112 miles - new rear wheel bearing (the whole hub!), new crankshaft seal (service worth £240).
Car has clean, dry engine bay and when the last mechanic guy drove the car after a crankshaft seal replacement he said it has one of the best condition gearboxes (no play, sharp) he has seen in Focuses! There are a few cons like - the boot opens from remote key only and car has a few time related marks here and there (a few small dents on drivers doors) but its nothing major (a few hours of polishing will turn it into really nice car) and if you can apprieciate that car is in nice technical condition and has a really, really good service history (as no many cars around) - that this is a car for you.
Car has been proffesionaly valeted, has brand new mats, 10 months MOT, log book, remote key (working perfectly).
---------------------- IMPORTANT!!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
My price is set to attract potencial buyers, not to be lowered. It is a very economical estate diesel car with large boot, practical and confortable, really nice to drive! Fuel consumption is really good, car is cheap to tax £110 for 12 Months! ), run and to mantain and is waiting for someone who will appreciate the good technical condition, service history and nice, really clean interior. Price is fixed, or VERY CLOSE offers! Many thanks.
WHERE: Cardiff, part Fairwater
PRICE: 2350,- (or VERY, VERY close and reasonable, realistic offers! No - I'm not in rush to sell and no - I will not let it go cheap if you text me that you will "buy it tonight" :o) ).
REASON FOR SALE: Not needed any more as my BMW is back on road! :o)
CONTACT: Dean on 07562 808 444 (If I don't pick up PLEASE TEXT ME!! I'm a professional driver and can't pick up phone any time but I will do my best to contact you back as soon as possible. Many thanks.)