Dyson DC30 White Handheld vacuum cleaner in Fairwater, Cardiff for sale

Dyson DC30 White Handheld vacuum cleaner

The lightweight and ergonomic DC30 is powered by a digital motor: this small, light motor provides you with more efficient performance than a conventional one. It spins up to 91,000 times a minute, which makes the DC30 more power-efficient than conventional hand-held vacuums.
Dyson digital motor
Small, lighter and more powerful than conventional motors. No carbon brushes, no carbon dust.
Dyson Root CycloneTM technology
Advanced Dyson Cyclone Technology. No Clogging filters and no loss of suction.
Lightweight and ergonomic
Only 1.2kg with balanced weight distribution for easy handling.
Hygienic and quick to empty
Just pull the trigger - avoid direct contact with the dust.
Only used once. Grab a Bargain cost £300