58 Citroen C4 GRAND PICASSO 7 SEATER VTR+ 1.6 --- 63 mpg, TAX 190,- and MAJOR SERVICE TODAY! --- in Fairwater, Cardiff for sale


Hello and welcome to my advert :-)
If you are titred of wasting your time and energy on viewings of badly abused family cars being sold just before they require a major investitions - you are more than welcome to view and test this one. You won't regret and you won't leave it here :-) Yes - car has 165k on clock. But I believe its worth your attention as it has something that you won't see on many other family cars - I've just spent £1200 (yes - receipt present) on a major, MAJOR service today, so car is being sold completely and fully serviced (new Turbo, new turbo feed pipe and bolts, gearbox oil changed, new timing belt, new water pump, new dpf fluid pouch, new front coil spring, new battery, new oil, oil filter, air filter, coolant and wiper blades).
Sure some C4s around may have lower mileage, but almost no mileage is an ussue for these engines (ask taxi drivers what crazy miles they do in cars with this widely used engine) and most of all - absolute majority of these family cars are being sold badly abused and when (or just before) they require a massive investitions. This one is serviced like no other, serviced regardless costs (Genuine GARRETT turbo, genuine CITROEN dpf fluid bag, etc.,etc.,etc) and with no compromises when it comes to parts quality. Car is... is just mint! :-)
----------------------------- SPECIFICATION --------------------------------
1.6 HDI diesel engine, manual, nice specification VTR+ model with endless list of toys, but instead of trying to make the list impressively long by mentioning 7 headrest and cupholders - lets go to the important stuff :-)
Dual zone air conditioning, Xenon directional lights, Cruise control, all 4 windows electric, Electric mirrors, Heated mirrors, CD and MP3 player, 3x ISOFIX, Both front seats high-adjustable, 2 individual front armrests, Rear child tables, Rear child window blinders, 6th and 7th seat foldable flat, Roof bar, Alloys. And NO TOWBAR - just another good sign that car hasn't been used as a work horse or towing machine :-)
---------------------------- CAR CONDITION ------------------------------
A dent on rear n/s wheel arch and a few age-related scratches here and there (not sure if this is even worth mentioning on 9 years old car :-) ), but absolutely no rust and not even on critical areas like sills or wheel arches. And mechanicaly - car is just mint! Drives really lovely and without any unwanted noises both in city and on motorway; a smooth, very confortable ride. Suspenssion, steering, gearbox and clutch - all perfect. No warning control light on dasboard ON, interior in really nice condition with every button in full working order, central locking and remote locking - all working as it should.
FAULTS? The only thing I can think of is a bit of wear on first gear. Its nothing catastrophic, it just a bit of normal age wear and these big cars just don't like changing to first gear from second when they move, they are not built for that, they have super-slow second gear for crawling speeds with no need to select first and 1st should only be used for initial movement. That way first gear works absolutely fine and also no prolems with synchro beteen 3rd and 4th, which is comon fault on C4s and this is absolutely ok.
-------------------------- CHANGED RECENTLY -------------------------
Car hasn't been run on tight budget, as the following list clearly shows:
New front brakes recently (£220, just 4k ago), New rear wheel bearing, New front suspension arm ball joint, New front anti-roll bar link, all tyres in very good condition. Car has long MOT till 24.09.2018 (again - with absolutely no advisories at all!) and I've just spent £1200 on: TURBO (no cheap china, but genuine GARRETT turbo with 2 years warranty!), New DPF particular filter fluid bag (again - no cheap china, but genuine CITROEN part with receipt, which was £158 from a main dealer), New oil feed pipe (and bolts), New front coil spring, New BATTERY (3 years warranty), New TIMING BELT (with all pulleys), New WATER PUMP, Gearbox oil changed and of course - a full service including a new oil, oil filter, air filter, new coolant and airo wiper blades. Car is serviced as no other car arround, all jobs covered with receipts and all jobs done without any compromises using a genuine parts. The last thing to do is a slightly noisy alternator belt pulley, which is a cheap part (£27,-) and... well, come on guys, I believe I've invested enought :-) :-)
------------------------------------- PRICE ------------------------------------
Make me a reasonable, respectful offer. Again - REASONABLE and again - RESPECTFULL offer (no £2000 is neither of that and won't even consider it).
You are more than welcome to view my car, to bring your mechanic and to inspect and test my car both in city and on motorway. I will be more than happy to spent 2-3 hours with you and you can have a nice long testdrive - all this is no problem at all, I love cars and I understand that everybody wants to buy a good car, especially when it comes to a family car that may carry kids. You are welcome to test my car thoroughly, but I've just spent £1200 on it dont expect to get it for £2000 as Im 100% sure that we will only waste our time here (and no - will not change my mind when you will show me a cash :-) ).
Again - this car isn't a rust bucket full of surprises - its a really nice 58 plate 7 seater serviced like no many cars around, car is in genuinely nice condition, very good on fuel (63mph motorway, 53mpg avarage!), cheap to TAX (£190), has major service done today and I honestly believe that someone will... just love it! :-) Car was professionaly valeted today, has a fully tailored car mats fitted, new protective boot linner with 3" edges and car is just waiting for a new home :-)
CONTACT: Zdeno on 07751 738 583 (please TEXT ME. I work in food industry and can't pick up phone any time, but I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.)
Thank you and... and good day to everyone :-)